The old lady in Buenos Aires

And there I was…
Sitting on a bench
eating some ice cream next to my mom
when an old lady approached us
I can’t remember her face
but she sure was full of wrinkles
of knowledge
of life.

She stares at us for a few seconds
as if she couldn’t believe her eyes
I think she saw a reflection of herself
I’m sure she felt young.

She tells my mom
“You’re so beautiful, so young…”
she seemed like she was about to cry
and then she looks at me
“You both are so young and pretty.
You have to live your lives.
Travel a lot. Life goes by so quickly”.
I felt my heart skip a beat, as she continued
“I used to be young like you.
And I can tell you that I enjoyed,
I traveled a lot. You should too”
As she walked away we kept thanking her.

I think that’s the moment
the moment you discover your biggest passion
your biggest dream
what we search for in our lives
Because I’ve never felt my heart so touched
and my eyes fill with more authentic tears
tears of happiness.

I realized that I was living my dream.
I’m in the middle of Buenos Aires
with the person that inspires me the most
doing what inspires me the most.

How can life be so good?
I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this
but I’m sure enjoying it.

2 comentarios sobre “The old lady in Buenos Aires

  1. Hermosa historia. Se,, por experiencia propia, que a veces alguien tiene que hacerle notar a uno lo maravilloso que es el momento que uno esta viviendo, ,pues muchas veces uno no esta consciente de ello y no percibe el gozo tan profundo como deberia. Creo que todos debemos aprender a disfrutar las pequeñas cosas. Bendiciones.

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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